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Hello good night thanks for being able to enter the forum I have a sony 212s receiver I bought it because I like that kind of music equipment.
My query is that speakers put it since it does not bring them agradesere their help porfa I have connected them. Speakers of a panasonic but only one that is inpedancia high 3 and low 3 and inputpower iec high 115 max and low 115 max and I have two others but they are smaller and I have them connected by two agradesere your help porfa.

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This equipment (Receiver) has 20w RMS output with 8 to 16 ohm impedance.
To work well you can connect 30W speakers up to about 50W but can be more but so that whether or not the output power is the same, the important thing is that the impedance of the speakers is between that range 8 to 16 ohms.
The speakers that brought this equipment of this generation were of 8 ohm.
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    Hi thanks for your help on the back says 95 w in the description

Hi, good evening, thank you for the information above.
I got a few speakers of 120 w + 120w RMS of 2600w pmpo and an impedance of 6 and the equipment says 95 w back and an impedance of 8 to 16 the question is whether they serve me or not to not overheat the equipment. Thanks for your help I look forward to your answers.
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    Hola buenas noches Nesecito de su ayuda compre los parlantes del receiver str 212s pero estaban malos y los cambie por unos pioner de 160 wtts y 70 wtts rms anclaje crusado 205 de 8 pulgadas y 8 ohoms. La consulta es me sirven. Desde ya espero su ayuda gracias

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    Hola porque el receiver dice atrás ac 120 220 240v. 50/60 hz 95w

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