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draw gate equipment

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hello people did not know in which sector to ask, I have this problem of that type of drawable equipment which feels to walk but does not turn so much to go up and down, where I orient you that can be the problem ??? gears q no grab it ?? this commanded with sensors q when the vehicle closes shut alone .... if you have something illustrative video of its connection with the circuit of normal open and normal closed, and the configuration of its controls thanks I hope to make me understand, I repeat it feels like riding the engine does not cut but does not move the iron that turns the device to raise the gate, thanks

1 Proposed Solution

Hi. Apparently it would not be an electrical or motor problem. I think it would be best if you took the cover, the actions and there you will see the fault. It may be a gear or clutch problem. regards
  • hace 1 año

    Avatar de Batata29

    Of course it was what I could imagine, since these machines take the lever to put it manually and when it moves it does not feel like it locks up to work in automatic, it will not stay another then open the part where the gears go q all the plates are not the same, I will take a photo tomorrow to show you the connection and the plate that you carry, what I'm going to do is reset your plates? I did not know or have to show me how your configuration and connection is? thank you

  • hace 1 año

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    put it solved without wanting to escape I hope you get what you say thanks