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How to repair: I entered the hidden menu of my Samsung LCD TV and ...

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Hello friends help me? .. as the title says ... enter the hidden menu of a lcd tv d450 32inches ..
Your model is LN32D450G1GXPE and touch something and the image is no longer the same .. type colors that are no longer the same, try to reset it ... but nothing happens.
Curiosity killed the cat ... in this case curiosity melted the colors of my TV.

1 Proposed Solution

Hello inor, the screen is unconfigured, see if the menu talks about the TV model, I chose yours, I leave an instructional video with the hope that it helps you

If you answer I give you my Like of Luck for what solutions but I hope yours
I greet you, Tobias
If you ask a question in the forum, always answer it, the colleagues who answer you spend your time and knowledge with the will to help you, if you are grateful, choose the best answer and give a Like to those who participated.
Thank you for collaborating in the forum and Success with your repair