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audinac mod.st2960 without vertical

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chassis ptd mo7 ic vertical ta8427k I have an image but the vertical has no more than ten cem with delay lines someone can guide me I can not find the return value, thanks change some filter-

1 Proposed Solution

hello buddy: measure in lcQ301-TA8427K on pins 6 and 3 if the 27v of power arrive ... if that is ok, change the C308 of 100mfx35v q, it is between the pin7y3 of the vertical lc taking care of the original position ... also change the C311 1000mfx35v ... check the D301 and see if it is in good condition ... change the C310 of 2.2mf respecting the original position ... measure the R310 and see if it is at its value of 1ohm ... it may be . the R310 is undervalued ... replace it with a new 1ohm R ... comment if with these tests open the entire screen vertically .... ok ... greetings!
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