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hello friend some of your colleagues have a clear concept of what is the video process of the 4k curved screens uhd that sends VBYone signals and that no longer lvds signals, also carry 8 pairs of signal since at the moment of measuring those signals no They mark nothing with digital tester, they are not like the other panels hd and full hd that if they measure their signals differential low voltages I do not know if these VbyONE signals are differential signals, I would be very grateful if some would give me that information first of all thank you very much greetings

2 Proposed Solutions

they can carry up to 16 pairs if this is an 8k TV, the lvds signals cannot process data at high speeds since the same cable causes interference in the signals.

The v-by-one signal can transmit up to 3.75 GB per cable pair without interference. and it is not necessary that the TV be curved are on all 4k and 8k TVs, the curved TVs are actually not curved, if not flat, when you have the opportunity to disassemble a panel this jumps and takes its flat shape, for what is extremely delicate its disassembly., it is not possible to measure them with the tester due to the sampling rate., read the following. article ..... greetings.
  • hello francisco that such a friend thank you very much x the data of the meaning of these signals the truth did not know, but with respect to the curved panel that if they are flat I already have disassembled several and seen that they are completely flat, now tell me if these signals they are so high frequencies I imagine that with the digital tester you can read it in millivolts or it could be a probe that measures these uncolega signals told me that these signals in curved panels uhd 4k there are no differentials between torque signals

and that increases it is the large amount ........ and so he wrote me finishing with points I did not want to explain it completely and I was left with the doubt and he told me that there is a way to measure those signals that he also did not want say the colleague works in samsung electronics maybe x selfish the truth I don't know, thanks friend x all the effort you have made to discover the meaning of those signals, the only thing that would be missing is to investigate whether or not to mark those signals or how to test them without have oscilloscope thank you friend you have always helped me to solve doubts I thank you very much receive from the distance a big hug from LIMA -PERU many successful greetings take care of your health and family ok blessings, to see if you find out the evidence of the signals thank you