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How to repair: lakewood fan model F0510B2451

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Good morning friend who can give me the diagram the coil of a lakewood fan modeled F0510B2451 since it broke the cables

1 Proposed Solution

If you have the 8 tips of enameled wire, place 4 on the left and 4 on the right (3 thin and 1 thicker), mark them as P, A, B, C, and P - 1, A - 1, B - 1, C - 1, links P and A for first speed, B and A - 1 for second speed, C and B - 1 for third speed, C - 1 to one end of the capacitor and P - 1 to the other end of the capacitor and a tip of the fuse and the other tip of the fuse to neutral, luck and comment.