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Whirpool Wfe81A washing machine skips error 2 (err2)

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Hello people, I have a problem with the washing machine, Whirpool brand, model WFE81A, it is not more than two years old, it is almost new, the subject is the following, when I select any program to wash, be it cotton, delicate, synthetic or whatever , I miss error 2. I go to the specific example of cotton, that the whole process lasts 1h50min, approximately when there are 40 minutes it stops and tells me error 2. The softener has not been used and the drum is with water. And when selecting softener program in this case so that it "finishes" the washing, it does it perfectly. It also works the rinse or spin.

Any help or clue can help me, and at the same time I had a problem with another washing machine and in this forum they helped me solve it ... If anyone can help me, eternally grateful!

9 Proposed Solutions

Dear, that error code tells you that the water level sensor does not activate in the time you have for that purpose.
Can be:
Low water pressure
Obstruction in the entrance to the valves
Faulty valves
Defective pressure switch
Pressure switch hose disconnected, broken, loose, strangled or clogged
Thank you very much, I'm going to start with that, since you name me the water issue, during the process it loses water, it's not a big loss, less than a liter, that's why I thought it was irrelevant ... But I know where to start ... Thanks again, I tell you how I am doing ...
Hello, I wanted to comment on some progress or setback, whatever depends ... This washing machine was given to me by my sister because she had the same problem, that is, it has been tested in two places, and in those two places other washing machines work normally ... So I would rule out the water pressure ... I measured the solenoid valves and they are fine I think, 3500 ohm ... If the valve is clogged I don't know, I don't know how I could test it ... The pressure switch I haven't tested, I don't know how try it ...

I started to appear in some programs errors 6 and 7, what would that be?
Friend, error 7 corresponds to pressure switch or its peripherals such as the hose that rises from the drum, verify that it is not broken, punctured or loose in its inserts by which it is losing air and as for the pressure switch this is electronic so Many tests you can not do, I recommend that you clean very well connectors of this and side plate. Greetings to the great teacher luis38
Dear, initially the problem was error 2, which may be related to error 7.
You were investigating a loss of water. What happened?.
On the other hand, error 6 refers to problems in engine operation. Check and comment. Greetings to friend Guillermo.
Hello, there could be an alternative and that the plaque is manifesting it with random errors and it would be that it is with dirt of cockroaches in it, these bugs so undesirable attracted by the light of the LEDs, are frequent cause of plate failures and many Sometimes unrecoverable. Check and comment. Regards
Hi guys, thanks for the answers ... I will try to check the pressure switch and the plate ...

Yes, error 6 and 7 began to appear, in the specific case of the cotton program wash, I start the program, I skip error 2, and now following the process but in softener I skip error 7 in this case, so I finish with centrifugation and it ends ...

Thank you very much, I will keep you updated ...
Well guys, I changed the pressure switch and after the first wash in cotton program that came out error, I could perform 6-7 washes perfectly in several programs, including cotton, so I eternally appreciate your help, I do not know how to close the subject ... But for now it would be solved, any inconvenience I write again ... Thankssssss
Dear, to close the topic, go to the valuations part and choose the last option. Regards