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Why does my hot water tank go out?

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hello very good, again I turn to you, I have a 50 liter hot water tank, ecotermo model EP 53, the same of ak and a few weeks ago every two by three goes off alone, well that is walking ..... bye it turns off, sometimes the pilot is on or when it finishes heating the water. I would like to know what to do, and how should I try to repair it (I am not a specialist), I just want to see if I can solve it, but I will call a gas operator to see it, but I like to learn, and know a little more every day, So I hope to have put the data and give the characteristics, that you need to help me find a solution, thank you very much

2 Proposed Solutions

Hi. It is possible that the pilot's flame is very small. In this way, when the burner is switched on or off, its flames drag that of the pilot. It would be a matter of seeing if the flame is less than two centimeters, otherwise clean its beak with a calisuar. Regards
Check what the servimat friend told you.
you would have to comment on what gas your thermos, natural or bottled, works with.
Another problem may be that when the burner is turned off it explodes and extinguishes the pilot, this usually happens because it has a lot of air in the burner, in the case of natural gas.
to check this you light the burner by moving the temperature regulator
and turn it off bajandalo, luck,