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hot water tank I turn it on and the pilot goes off

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Tremotanque Reehm replaced the unitrol gas command with a full pilot burner and full thermocouple, I turn it on, heats the thermostat and then the pilot goes out, the pilot flame is normal and touches the thermocouple. It is making yellow flame. It is located in a laundry room without a door with an upper window, no zinc spout, or hat, it worked well for 12 years.

7 Proposed Solutions

Dear the problem that turns off the hot water tank always had or began to happen recently? Because if it happens recently it is rare until almost impossible that a water heater has worked well for you. Without a canopy of ventilation, apart from that it is very dangerous, because by not having an outside ventilation draft, carbon monoxide is throwing you into the house, that leads to death. The correct way is to put a 3 "ventilation canopy that is the diameter of the hot water tanks, in the case of the hot water tanks it is not necessary to bring the ventilation canoe to 4 winds, it is only enough once you went outside with the ventilation canoe there at least 50 or 60 cm away, about 50 cm away from any window or balcony of the neighbor.If I lack any clarification, or you have more doubts, ask me a question so I help you, Luck
hello magiber, the laundry where it is placed is outside the house and is used very, very little, it has a door that is always open, and a little vent in 30x 50 at the door, also open.
Dear the hot water tank with no ventilation canopy with a hat, it goes out, because the wind can get inside the hot water tank and turn it off, the correct thing is as I told you before, place a canoe see ventilation, 3 "at the exit of the hat of the hot water tank that this hat comes from the factory, and put another hat at the end of the ventilation canoe, so as not to enter water, winds, or do not nest the pigeons.If you have more doubts, ask what problem today
Tomorrow or when time permits, I will place the ventilation. thank you very much samigo !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok Pablo, anything is here to help you, good luck
Hello ! Turn on the ventilation and it did not turn off again.
Friend, I'm glad you solved the problem of your hot water tank. Very good friend surte and bye