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Water heater does not heat enough

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Hello, I have a TTS-85 Master hot water tank, the problem is that it does not heat, the water comes out warm and lasts a short time at the maximum, who could give me a solution thanks

7 Proposed Solutions

hello what gas do you use, how long ago they installed it, andubo always tell us greetings.
natural gas installed time and if I always walked I would not know how to tell you since I moved recently and I was already installed in the house but from what I can tell it has its years 5 to 7 or so
hello: set the temperature selector to maximum, clean the pilot burner assembly check the air intake the flame should be blue
It is set to maximum and the water is clear, the burner is also cleaned and the flame is blue, what I thought is that layers that have tartar stuck in the bottom or that the thermostat is screwed but really in doubt she asked
hello: then it can be the thermostat, but first make sure you don't find a leak in the hot water pipe, see if it turns on very often, the thermoses bring in the cold water inlet a tube of approximately 0.60 cm long this water at the bottom of the bowl, if the pipe is cut, the cold water turns up without taking the heat out of the thermos, if it is none of this, the unitrol changes the gas stations, they know how to use good ones since they join the changing thermos (Invalid img)
Hi Nahuel The reasons why it does not heat well can be several, but I will list the most common ones,
That the bottom of the thermos has an important layer of scale, this takes more time to heat at the set temperature, Solution clean the entire bottom of the thermos, by cleaning tap.
That the thermostat sensor was tartar and does not feel good, you should take it out and clean it.
That the thermostat is deregulated, Solution you have to regulate it or change it.
That the plastic pipe called fisherman that is entered in the cold pipe is cut or does not have it, Solution you must place another.
That you have a loss in the hot pipe and it is not in sight, the thermos would work quite often and if it is large it would not cut directly, Solution, locate and repair the loss.

My first response with respect to tartar on the basis, is of all the most unlikely, and all that is with respect to gas as well, since it would take longer but in the long run it would reach the set temperature.
Good luck and your orders for new inquiries,
Hi, buy a high power ecosol hot water tank and the water comes out warm when you select the selector at the maximum, don't turn on the gas cake, what is the problem?