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30lts stately hot water tank. gas goes out until the pilot

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Try to turn it on with the indications and it turns on normally it warms up and when the burner is turned off the pilot goes out too .. I don't know what happens some help .. from already thank you very much Triste

4 Proposed Solutions

hello: disassemble the pilot burner assembly and clean the pilot's peak and the primary air intake, it may have an oxygen analyzer hole, since it is a very small hole, it is usually covered check it greetings
Hi Luis. That wants to say that there is a problem then ... what happened yesterday I moved and that was the hot water tank that when it heats the water .. the knob must return to pilot alone or is it at minimum or maximum? Xq I do not understand this thermos .. the problem is that everything goes out ..
hello: the knob is graduated almost to the maximum, when the water warmed the burner goes out and the pilot has to stay on, if the pilot goes out you also have to check the pilot's flame and the primary air intake but in order to do it you have to remove the burner and pilot set, with the thermos off you disconnect the gas pipe from the burner from the pilot and the thermocouple before checking the ventilation of the thermos that the pipe is well and footwear in the hat greetings
Hi Yani, the hot water tanks (all) are placed in the pilot position, a plastic is squeezed and the pilot is turned on for 20-30 seconds and released, the pilot must remain on, then you pass the regulator at the desired temperature and heats until it reaches at that temperature, it is there when only the lighter is turned off and the pilot is permanently on, when the water temperature drops, the lighter is switched on and the cycle is activated again, this is done automatically after first lighting. It works automatically.
If you say that everything goes out it is because it is malfunctioning, you must take out the three pipes that come to the control, and remove the set of lighter, thermocouple and complete pilot, make a good cleaning of those things, place again and regulate if you can air, I say if you can because some models have fixed air regulation, you can not do much more things except see if there are air currents, if the cap on the outlet is well installed, etc.
I recommend that if one day ago you moved in and the apartment is rented that you communicate with the owner or the real estate and that they repair not only the issue of the hot water tank, also if the faucets work correctly, that they do not lose the chords, turn on cook and test if it works well, as if you have stoves or other appliances. Good luck and your orders for new inquiries.