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SEANOR120 lts water tank loses water below.

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Hello everyone, I have a hot water tank for approximately 10 years of use, (now reading I find out that it needs maintenance) .It loses abundant water below soaked the glass wool and turned off logically.
I ask before dismantling: the only cause for an abundant loss is the punctured tank? ...
Can there be another cause? I clarify the top where the water connections are completely dry.Now with the water inlet the loss is a small drip
I thank you in advance for the help of you who, over time, have been so useful for me to repair and learn.
If I had to buy a new thermos, I already know what maintenance you need, and I would also change the place where I would place it, because you have to think of a free space above to check or change the bar. Small detail, very important. Again thanks and I hope your answer .

3 Proposed Solutions

Hello there are only two places where you may be losing water one is the thread of the cleaning valve or purge and another by the thread of the thermostat control is where the command is ... otherwise it is so then it is punctured Successes
Hello, you have the punctured tacho, especially because you say it is 10 years without changing the magnesium anode, for the brand that it is, it lasted too long. Luck.
Hello my thermo tank loses water x the bottom ... I was told that it is not punctured. I never did maintenance and is already 11 years old ???? . What they told me is what condensation is. But I had never done it. ..