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What speaker subwoofer connect to an amplifier?

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hello friends look I have a query I have a 300w output amplifier which I have connected two speakers of 100w each 4ohms coaxial good thing that sounds good I want to connect a subwoofer speaker the characteristics are 120w 8 inches 4ohm impedance now if I connect this speaker will work is that I do not understand that of passive and active subwoofer, this speaker that I want to buy will work like the other coaxial speakers that connect to the amplifier. or I have to add a crossover to use to the maximum is just to give that touch of boom bum I'm not going thanks.
  • 3 months ago

    Avatar de JLMRNEO

    depends your amp ... you can even make a bridge in the same amplifier ... as the friend says, send the model of your amplifier

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Hello, what brand and model is your amplifier?
  • 3 months ago

    Avatar de brandixx

    thanks friend for answering I think the brand is Chinese since I'm going to bring it from China what it describes is this Inch 4 ohm HiFi speaker audio subwoofer speaker audio speakers woofer 40w antimagnetic speaker for diy what I want to know if I can connect it like the other coaxial speakers or need something additional

  • 3 months ago

    Avatar de JLMRNEO

    if you already have an amp with your two coaxial speakers ... so let it ... the entry of a new amp for another subwoofer speaker would be better and if you can add an epicenter so that the bass you like to your liking.

good friend, I hope you help my comment ..
active is for example a woofer that already has an integrated amplifier and only requires that you connect a preamplified signal ..
passive is for example a woofer that requires you to connect an amplified signal (from the output of a power amplifier)
greetings ,,,,,,, I hope you will be very helpful ....