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error 0x80070035

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Well I explain I have a network of 8 computers just yesterday I installed windows 8 on my server and created the network and shared the printers and everything worked fine but today when I try to print I designed that they are not connected to the network between any of the computers and I try to ask the server and I get the error 0x80070035 but from the server if I see the other computers from the server I can approach how I correct the error or I need to format everything and from 0

3 Proposed Solutions


did you use home group or just share manually
the other computers that windows have
How did you activate your Windows 8?

Since if you did it with an activator, even if they tell you there is no problem, then let me tell you no; Since so far I have not found any activator that leaves you perfectly activated Windows, that is, sooner or later, Microsoft detects that the windows is pirate; Conslusion = You must buy an original Windows license (no matter the version. IE: Windows 8, Windows 8 pro or Windows 8 NT).
pz I tell you first the network ise manual xq the domestiga network does not accept the password in some makinas and if I activate windows but activate it from the beginning and if it works well even restart it and without problem
See question in: error 0x80070035