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home network detection: ERROR 0x80070035

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Hello and greetings to all users, to point out I have a network problem, I have 3 computers, one fixed and the other 2 are laptops, all three have windows 7, previously when I acquired the use of telephone internet I was able to configure the sharing of files what I call home group, I currently can't do it, I verified by entering a ping of the IP address of the two laptops on the fixed computer and I get the message of "host of inaccessible destination", also when I do detect it Error message 0x80070035 appears I have tried every possible means by deactivating firewall, antivirus too and nothing. The other point is that there is file sharing between the two laptops, obviously the problem would focus on the fixed computer, however as a final solution I formatted it, but nothing, and if it is a network configuration my network hardware is nvidia nforce, well I just hope that they help me to solve, since it is not only about sharing files but about other uses to which I give them, I hope your prompt help thanks.

2 Proposed Solutions

Do you have a printer shared on the network?
Make sure that network detection is enabled on laptop 2, by default the status of the Discovery network is off. If the network discovery is off, please take the following steps to turn it on.

1) Click Start.

2) Click on Control Panel.

3) Click on Network and Exchange Center.

4) Click on the down arrow next to the network detection.

5) Click on the option Enable network detection.

6) Click Apply.