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my pc doesn't turn on, just turn on the fans

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Good morning, I hope someone can support me.

I have some motherboards, including an intel D865PERL with socket 478, an M863G pcchips for AMD K7 processor, a biostar socket 478 and some with socket 370, all of them, although it seems that they went to heaven I strongly refuse to accept that reality, I tell you.

They turn on the fans, the keyboard flashes and turns off, they do not give video, the power switch responds and turns on and off, but only the fans, keep on some of the bulbs, of the cpu, on some only the on.

Test with compatible processors in terms of socket and bus in good condition and previously tested, remove the heatsink, the processor does not heat anything,

clean memories, test with other compatible and functional memories 100% and the same.
Remove the memories and do not give the 3 beep to detect the lack of memory

probe with other sources in the same way, compatible and functional and nothing

disconnect all peripherals and nothing.

reset the bios with the bridge, remove power and remove the battery for a few minutes and nothing.

probe with functional video card and removing the video (in which it applies) and nothing, nor the beep of the diagnosis.

there are no visual damages, capacitors inflated or exploited, there are no burnt resistors or burned transistors or anything like that. even download the capacitors.

I just need to try a post card ...

In all I did the same tests.

I know in advance that, in most cases the answer will be that they died, but, I am sure that this has happened to more than one of us and that, surely someone suffered already until finding the fault, I hope that someone shares it with Everyone and if not, I will share it with everyone when I find the solution.

I thank you in advance, I hope that even the tests I have done will help someone to do tests as well.

misael galicia
[email protected]

4 Proposed Solutions

Hello, look at all the questions that are very true and the most common thing that is done to resuscitate a mother in one word, or I'll tell you that I try to change the two coils that are close to the micro, so you pass that those coils regulate the tension of energy that consumes the microprocessor, if once you did that and still do not pick up video, I show you the last thing I did once all the possibilities already mentioned have been exhausted and it is, WASH THE PLATE WITH ISOPROPILIC ALCOHOL, if as you heard, buy some expray of alcohol and clean the plate well on all sides, what happens with this, is that the earth gets into the contacts of either the micro and the memory and with the humidity that is generated inside the cabinet an almost impossible paste of see at a glance and alcohol what it does is remove that paste, that if you have done this you have to let the plate dry well if it is possible under a lamp that generates good heat and a little while the sun, to try not you're going to lose anything me and to recover I do not tell you that many plates but a large amount I can assure you, that if this method is last you know once you have used up all the necessary resources, Salu2 and comments what result you had
You know here in the workshop that type of plates what we do is remove the chipset and put it back, that is to say, but it is done with a gun that throws hot air, a substance called flux is also used. to dissolve tin.
Hope this can help you.
I want to reiterate my thanks for that selfless help.
attached an interesting post that finally has to do with this topic

Regards. I hope this solves the problem of many.

Misael Galicia
I have the same problem and I don't know what to do