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Transistor 7812A JRC M7119N

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Good morning to all just to ask if anyone knows if there is any transistor that replaces this one that does not work for me and I can't find anywhere
  • 1 month ago


    The 7812 is not a transistor, it is a 12V 1A voltage regulator
    Comment, please, where do you have to replace it and why do you think it doesn't work?

2 Proposed Solutions

Hi Waldo.
It is a positive voltage regulator of 12V / 1A. (With tab "ISOLATED")
You can use among many:
You should keep in mind that if you use an LM7812 type regulator (for example) with TO-220 encapsulation NOT ISOLATED as a substitute, you must necessarily install a
insulation between the heat sink and the "tab" of the voltage regulator.
The "tab" is the metal part of the regulator that has a hole to install a set screw between the device and the heatsink.
In the case of common TO-220 encapsulation regulators (such as the mentioned LM7812), the central pin is connected to the "tab" and corresponds to the common between input and output (GND).
  • 1 month ago

    Avatar de Waldo

    good day attach information so you can support me in advance I thank you

Good day. I appreciate the support and thanks for your answers attached image where the piece goes replace it with one of 12 but the sound does not pass when I remove it is heard too low and when I put it the sound does not happen ... or maybe this is not the piece what fails ??? I also attached the model of the device that I already look for and I cannot find the diagram if someone has knowledge or can grant me the diagram of the device I will be very grateful ... / img_eg.jpf.jpf.jpg
  • 1 month ago

    Avatar de Waldo

    can someone support me please

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