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Unknown transistor

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Hello everyone!

Who can help me with this query?

I have a 12v dc voltage / current inverter at 220 ac of 1000 w Chinese of dubious quality
The issue is that it burned and when disarmed I found its 4 IRF3205 burned. Replace them with new ones and turn it on, they burned again with a small explosion and smoke.
On the other side of the board it has 4 mosfet transistors (I think they are) that seem to be damaged by this designation "1210" and "HX740". When I search them on the web, I don't find them with any of those codes.
Anyone know how I can buy new ones and replace them?
Best regards.

1 Proposed Solution

Hi. They are MOSFET channel N from 10 to 400V. I leave a link for you to see. Regards
  • 1 month ago

    Avatar de Hipokampo

    Thank you!!

  • 1 month ago

    Avatar de servimat1

    Nice to help you. Regards

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