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Yamaha organ TC4050BP integrated circuit

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Hi brothers, first of all, have a greeting, to have, I have an Organ (electric piano) Yamaha model HS5, which wiped the part of the pedals damaging an integrated, the TC4050BP, the thing is that I can not say said integrated ... yes Can someone tell me what the replacement is? Thanks in advance...
  • If they do not have any of the two integrated there is no possible solution to repair.
    Do you have any more questions or just this?

2 Proposed Solutions

I would say that integrated ess is a CD4050BP which is an integrated common current look like CD4050 is a cmos buffer
That integrated is a sextuple not cmos and is most common,
You can replace it with the CD4049.
  • 3 months ago

    Avatar de danimacha

    Hi, thanks, replaced by the CD4049 or the CD4050BE? what happens is that here are not very common ...