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Error 8 in washing machine Drean 8.12 Excellent Blue

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To the washing machine you put any program, pour the water into the drum, with soap, when it is going to start spinning, it makes a risk to start but stops and throws Error 8, the program time continues, at the corresponding minutes it pumps the water , and refills it, but does not turn or wash, finally, empty the water drum again, and although it does not throw the softener, I do not know if for the same problem, the program ends because time is up. Unlock the door and go. But it didn't wash or spin because it doesn't spin. The manual said Error 8 Triac short-circuited, take it to the service, they tell me that you have to change the plate, but that model is not achieved. Two friends somewhat understood in engines, but not in electronics, they told me that if it is the triac that can be changed, checking the plate. Tell me what is most advisable, the service tells me that I have to buy a new washing machine and my friends offer to take it apart. I wait for answers as you help everyone.

2 Proposed Solutions

Dear, this error refers to the engine Triac.
This is the one that is mounted on the aluminum heatsink on the plate. Have it replaced by a similar one and also ask to have the motor checked. Regards
hello good day .. I had that same problem, that towards the whole start-up cycle and the last one to drain clothes, without having turned the engine at any time, ... and the problem I had was the entry card to the loose engine , I removed it, passed clean contacts and reinstalled it, but I noticed that it was very loose, which probably because of the vibrations had been barefoot. In short, secure it with a small seal so that it does not disconnect again, and so far it works very well.