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Drean Excellent Blue 7-10 washer, Error 6

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The washing machine loads water, it is a while without turning or generating any movement, then it gives Error 6 and drains. Then the display remains with Error 6.

According to the user manual Error 6 is: Locked Motor or Open Protector or Open Tachometer.

Which one is protective? Do you mean the circuit breaker in my house?
What is the tachometer?
Engine locked, will the bearings be locked?

Thank you in advance for any information that allows me to bring it back to life.

Regards, Mario

8 Proposed Solutions

Check the condition of the coals in the engine.
I checked the engine and it works OK. (The coals are fine and are approx 3.5cm long)
I checked the tachometer and it continues.

which one in the protector?

Any other clues to identify the fault?

Grcias, Mario
If the engine is running, the protector inside the winding has no problems. The water load must be done in 5 minutes. If it does not do so at that time, it drains.
Thanks Robere for the prompt response.

The filling is done in less than 5 min, stays still and then drains giving Error 6
I also read that it could be the Blocapuerta.

I took it out and measured continuity between the contacts (2, 3 and 1) (Brown, brown and blue wires respectively)

Making all possible combinations, activating and releasing the actuator from the door blocker, I failed to obtain continuity between any of its 3 contacts
I tried:
2 with 3, 2 with 1, 1 with 3 and 2 with 1, by activating and deactivating the actuator of the door block and in no case did I achieve continuity.
Can this fault be caused by a malfunction of the blockhouse?

Thanks again for the assistance.
Dear Robere,

I have good news!
I was able to solve the inconvenience.

I found on the back cover of the washing machine a mark like an arc.

It turned out that one of the harness wires that goes to the engine, had a cable worn by rubbing against the cabinet structure, made an arc and was cut internally.

It is obvious that it is the engine power.
Cut the cable, insulate and reinforce the harness amination by taping it and the washing machine is working normally.

Thanks again for the assistance.

Slds., Mario
good afternoon ... I have a problem with a washing machine drean excellent blue 6 - 06 p. It gives error 6. When I select a program and I start it starts charging water starts to spin a couple of turns and drains, there it stops with the flickering of the additional buttons ... what can it have? will it be short of the solenoid valve? the drain works and the motor spins ... it just doesn't do the normal wash. If I select the rinse the same thing happens. Now if I select centrifuged it does it normal and ends when it ends ... thank you in advance
marcelo alejandro

there will be a new question with brand, model, and failure, so they can assist you, since this post is old
someone who had this error 6 with the engine tachometer