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error code 1 in drean excellennt blue! 7-10

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Good people from the forum I repair:
I happen to comment I have a washing machine drean excellent blue! 7-10 throws me an error code 1 I would like to know if someone can tell me that it is that fault since the person who gave me to repair it does not have the manual.

from now on, thank you very much in advance

3 Proposed Solutions

Erroe 1 means that the pump does not drain in the stipulated time, check the water pump that is not clogged, the hose, the pump, the pump filter, the discharge hose, it may be extrangulated
luck and value response
Hi dear, the problem you have is in the pump, check the filter and clean it. if it persists replace the pump. (Err 1- pump blocked). I hope you serve greetings.
Good morning, I got error 1 and it did not start, I did nothing, I took the advice to remove the drain pump, clean all the ducts, clean the hoses, reassemble and automatically started working normally.