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Drean Excellent Blue washing machine. Only the drain pump works

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Hi everyone. I hope you can help me with this problem.
I have a Drean washing machine that doesn't wash. When selecting a program, the washing machine only turns on the drain pump and it stays on until the program ends, it does not load water or turn on the engine. On one occasion "Error 8" appeared on the screen. I saw the manual and that error is due to a short circuit in the Triac. I don't know what the triac is and how to check it. Download a manual showing the circuit board. The manual is for the Drean Excellent Blue 6.08P washing machine although I am not sure if that is the model of the washing machine since it has the letters and numbers erased due to the weather. The plate shown in the manual looks the same as the washing machine.

Plate and manual images
Washing machine plate - Side to
Washing machine plate - Side b
Circuit seen in the manual

Thank you very much for helping me.

3 Proposed Solutions

If the plate is dirty with charcoal, clean with a soft brush. If it remains the same, replace the large triac, that of the aluminum dissipation insert.
Dear, you may have two problems. On the one hand the pump triac is short, so it runs permanently. Regarding error 8, it is normally associated with the defective motor rotor. regards
Ok, I already solved the problem but I'm not sure which one it was. I checked the triac, the resistors, the solenoid valve, the drain pump, the block door, the pressure switch, the engine and everything was fine. The board looked a bit dirty so clean it well with isopropyl alcohol. By the way the plate was dirty with what looked like coal. I checked the engine coals and they were somewhat worn out but they worked well. Reading other similar queries it occurred to me that it could be a problem in the timer because when the washing machine is working and for some reason it stops receiving power, when it receives power again it continues washing in the program that was, so I did a test. Assemble everything again, select a washing program and wait for a while. The washing machine showed for about 5 seconds the spin program then showed the washing program that I selected, then I gave it a play and the washing machine worked without any problem. the problem was the dirty plate or the timer had remained in the previous program although when this problem occurred the washing machine at no time stopped receiving power so it is more likely that the problem was in the dirt of the plate. Thank you very much for responding.