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How to repair: Gafa washing machine, box of 1 or 2 gears

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I have to change the box of my top-loading glasses washing machine and I would like to know which one they consider best, if those with 1 or 2-coupling gears, I know that both are used for my washing machine but I don't know which one is better and why, thanks.

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Indistinct Seg.
Hello, the 2-gear is the original that sells electrolux, there are also Chinese copies of 2 gears but I don't know the quality of them, greetings.
Dear, having one or two gears does not mean that one is better than another, but that they are for machines with different designs. Normally the Gafa, has the one of a gear, because the Torque Motor is of a single position. If it were of two positions like the LG, it takes the one of two gears. Regards
the boxes with two gears, it is for the drum to accompany almost half a turn, to the agitator in the wash. the boxes with a single gear, the drum hardly moves in the wash. They are almost always Chinese boxes, the difference is that in those of a single gear, you will have to adapt something so that it grabs the brake arm, instead those of two gears come as the original