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How to repair: Neutral used as soil (without javelin)

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Good morning, thanks in advance. Appealing to their knowledge, I consult them for a board connection, where there is no "physical ground" and the Pat of the circuits is connected to the thermal neutral. (I repeat that there is no connection to javelin).
How useful is it to connect it like this and / or what consequences can it have?
Thank you

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Hi. The PAT and the neutral are different things. There are countries where this is allowed (joining earth with neutral) but if the land is safe it makes no sense. On the other hand, joining earth and neutral after a differential would cause it to disconnect it. Comment on where you write to us and if you can upload a photo of the board. Regards
  • 3 months ago

    Avatar de Mauri83

    I write from Argentina, it doesn't make sense to me either, just because they work differently. Then I upload a scheme although it is quite simple, the ground wires reach the board and instead of going to the javelin, they are connected to the neutral.

Hello good, I am from Venezuela Ok, I tell you here in my country, in the distribution part of 13.8 Kv in the transformers in its lower part is where the land of the bank is connected from low to neutral, this is only done to try to balance the currents and voltages in the low part, apart from having its atmospheric discharge system apart.

Now the equipment protection grounding system is totally different, in the regulations all grounding systems must be interconnected so that there are no potential differences between existing meshes,

Now, as you will see, each system is different and according to IEEE regulations, it indicates that each driver must be separated and identified as low and this is how better protection is achieved.

So using the neutral as a ground is NOT advisable apart if in case you have any differential type breakers or some type of this equipment is going to be firing at all times.

Another important thing is if you are working with electronics, it is more demanding the different grounding system since the circuits take it as a reference of the 0V.

I hope I could help you.
  • 3 months ago

    Avatar de Mauri83

    Thank you, it is a board of electricity of a house, your contribution is helpful.

Although it is true that it is an existing grounding scheme, today it is prohibited in most countries, in Argentina for example it is totally prohibited in residential facilities
The consequences of this can be dire, very serious. Not because of the differential, that would be the least, but in the event of an eventual lifting of the neutral, all the masses would remain under phase tension. You may think that running out of neutral is unlikely but it is not, the truth is that it is quite common

  • 3 months ago

    Avatar de Mauri83

    Of course, I had thought something like that too, but it never occurred to me that I will "run out of neutral" from the distribution service, but as you say I have read what happens.
    Thanks for helping.

  • 3 months ago

    Avatar de elektomaq

    Not only from the distribution service, what happens, but also the lack of personnel involved in an installation. You can run out of neutral even by a thermal or even an outlet, you can burn the cable or detach from a terminal for being loose or improperly placed. This same forum is full of inquiries from people who ran out of neutral because of situations that occur internally

  • 3 months ago

    Avatar de Mauri83

    If so, the first thing I thought was that.

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