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Water tank push button was loose

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Hello Goodnight. Attached is a photograph of how the push button on the bathroom tank was. The spring is as loose and the button does not remain. I do not know if a stop was released but on the floor I see nothing. Will you wear something that stops? It is loose

IMG_20200113_235349170.jpg [2.71MB]

IMG_20200113_235355238.jpg [4.58MB]

  • 4 days ago

    Avatar de celentauro

    That didn't have a trim cover on the outside?

2 Proposed Solutions

Diego friend. At the end of the metal button there should be a zegger washer or a hole to pass a wire lock that keeps the whole assembly armed. I leave a link for you to see an image. regards
on the floor you will not find anything because the lock is on the other side .... You must remove the lid with the button and on the inside you press the button until it comes out on the other side and you will see at its end the key that is surely broken or the hole where it passes if it came out
If you have remains of the old key, you must remove it and place a new key that should be made of copper. Preferably before passing the key a bronze washer passes through the stick of the button so that it locks better and lasts longer
you get the key for that button in any sanitary house, any doubt you have the sample button but don't lose the spring