Printer doesn’t scan or photocopy but printing works, first time this has happened.   Basically a couple days ago I tried to photocopy a document and pressed the black copy button (once) and it was going through until it got stuck at the top, but then I pressed the black copy button again and the document went through. Now all of a sudden my scanner and photocopy function doesn’t work.   When I turn on the printer it makes a loud “WRR” noise (almost like a grinding noise) when the carriage system is supposed to move back and forth for the warm up period.  Then the attention light (the orange exclamation mark) flashes.   I tried restarting the printer several times and it doesn’t not resolve the issue. I also checked it make sure there was no paper stuck in the printer and there is nothing (no paper jam that I can see).   The scanner black bar thing is stuck in the middle where it usually sits to the right where the diagram of the paper is (to show where to place the paper correctly on the scanner). Also the number does not show up on the screen on the printer beside the copy buttons  (there is supposed to be a “0” but it is blank).