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Fm band band filter connection

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I wanted to check, I have a 300W M31 device to which a 3-pass band high-pass filter is connected. This filter is strained to the side of the rack. The question is whether this cable between the linear output and the filter input has to Have a measure that is calculated or indifferent? I remember that when the technician installed something I calculate this cable but I do not remember, it is because I need to change the linear place so that it has more cooling and this cable does not reach me and I wanted to make it new longer the cable is 1 / celflex type cable 2 which is the same as the antenna drop. From already thank you very much

1 Proposed Solution

It should not take any calculated measure since if so, the cable would say 50Ω impedance if and only if it is calculated according to this or that formula and not 50Ω of characteristic dry impedance.

As there are many who think so, if you want to calculate do it according to the formula 75 / fcia MHz x Speed Factor of the cable you use (0.87, 0.88 or whatever the cable manufacturer says) and multiply it by any integer torque (2,4,6,8, etc.) until you give or exceed the distance between the equipment and the Low Pass exit.