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Split shuts down after 3 minutes

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Good morning, a friend who lives in the countryside has a split of 12000 btu installed, he called me and told me that the engine starts 2 - 3 min cool that time well and turns off approximately 10 - 15 min. In the distance what I told him to fix is if the units were not dirty, that the filter is not covered, he told me that it is not a luxury but that it is not dirty. Then I told him to notice if the 2 forgers are blowing well and he told me that if the 2 blows well as usual. Then I told him that he had to get an amperometric clamp and measure the consumption maybe that was the problem, well after a few days he got it, the team says on the label that it has a consumption of 6.2 amps, he measured and varies between 6.2 to 6.5 and that at the moment that goes out the consumption does not rise then discard that. This weekend I will travel there but I want to take with me several opinions of you that have more experience, that other problems may be for that to happen, I was thinking that it may be sensor problems, just in case I have a few spare , I already appreciate everything you can contribute, sorry I made it so long

1 Proposed Solution

if the consumption is well, the most likely problem is a control problem, that is, the devalued pipe sensor or hall or platelet sensor that does not receive the signal from said sensors