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broken filter spout refrigerator GAFA HGF 357

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Hello, I was trying to weld the filter in my refrigerator and since it is very close to the plastic edge and insulation of the refrigerator, I decided to try to rotate the pipe where it goes, and it turns out that it broke. The question is now how do I solve it? it looks like aluminum, but because of the hardness it had when I turned it, it seems to me that it is steel. If Steel, with bora is solved to weld copper and iron, but is it aluminum? Greetings and thanks for reading this. 20190924_102119.jpg [1.92MB]

2 Proposed Solutions

If the filter was placed there it is not aluminum.
weld it with silver and flux.
little friend when this happens to you as something very fascinating and practical, when you go to weld where you can burn something like wires or polythene from the refrigerators, have a ceramic insulator or piece of tile on hand since this is steamed and you resist large quantities of heat and are insulating, on the other hand it welds calmly with simil silver and flux with the torch not very accelerated remembering that iron heats faster than copper.