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X28 Z50 SAT1 MASTER key

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Hi, I bought a van with alarm Z50 Sat1-2 but the cel chip was out of service. I bought him a new chip but he doesn't respond to the messages. Surely they changed the Master code which I don't know. How can I change the MASTER code?

I tried disconnecting the power + internal battery cable and bypassing the bat connector but nothing changed.

2 Proposed Solutions

Hello, when changing the chip you must reprogram the SAT so that you know where you should send the message. I pass you the manual but keep in mind you must first activate the chip on a cell phone but it will never work on the SAT.
Saludos X28 SAT2 Manual Adrian Positron.pdf [2.58MB]
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    The problem is not the chip but the previous owner does not remember the 4-digit code and is not reset by removing the power.

The way to change the password is 1-Prepare an SMS to the line number that the team has to say code 1234 (between code and the number must go a space) 2-Then with the vehicle door open press the open padlock key of the remote control and then press the led key 5 times (the led key is located on the windshield sensor) 3-send the message you prepared
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