Hi guys, hopefully you can help me figure out what's wrong with my phone. So i bought this phone in July 2018, and i bough it in EU. It was an upgrade from iPhone 7 and in first few months in really was amazing. And recently, maybe in december issues started. First thing i've noticed is that my headphone would usually get dissconcted mid song without a reason, and after that that volume on them got lower and lower, you could easily return it to normal state if toy just unplug them. Battery health started going down in August which i found weird i mean it was only a month and i was on holidays in July so i didn't really use my phone that much. Then with iOS 12 weird things started happening, in top left corner icon of recently closed app would flash and go off in a second, and apps would load slower.Like that wasn't enough it started performing weird stuff in the app switcher, for exaple if i open Photos app and open app switcher after it will show some random thing like my picture i took 2 months ago and never looked at it after. It was not only stock app related because Reddit app started acting the same way couple of days after, it would even litellary flash NSFW pictures days after they were closed when opening or in app switcher. Battety health went to hell recently (it was going down 2-3% monthly) and three days before it was at 90% and yesterday it went down to 87% and today to 85%. I guess it may be some software issue with iOS 12 or something else. The problem is that i don't have Apple store nearby, i now live in European but non-EU country, and if i wanted to send my phone to them it would take 3 weeks go get it back, and since this is my only phone i don't know how that would work. I guess i'm really unlucky with iphones because my iPhone 7 had to be replaced due to hissing sound when talking, it seems like the Apple is not worth the money lately.