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How to repair: Emery Bosch gets too hot

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The rotor is rewound, new coals work normally but it gets too hot and it takes time to cool down, which can be the cause, poorly balanced rotor, damaged stator or other cause, I need to know the possible cause of this or if it is common that they are not good Greetings from Acapulco, Mex.

1 Proposed Solution

Hi. A repaired winding is very difficult to be original and with the same characteristics. It happened to me with an airless paint gun that we sent to repair the engine, it was repaired but it was not as before. In your case, do you trust the rotor winding? Have you measured the current to the machine? Regards
  • 2 months ago

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    Thank you servimat 1 for answering, input of A 3.8 - output 3.2, it does not get too hot because the winding changes, but it does not combine to rewind the armatures or rotors even if this work costs half of a new one and there are no, greetings from Acapulco, Mex.