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How to repair: LED Sanyo lce32hx16 is in standby

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Hello colleagues, I came to the workshop this LED that is in standby, the source throws the trends. This source is a module, that is to say source and Main together, I wanted to know if any one has already happened to this fault and if they could solve it

1 Proposed Solution

Friend verifies that 3.3 volt and 1.8 volt voltages are present and accurate, if they are ok reprogram eproom, it is a common fault in these TVs. Greetings and luck
  • 2 months ago

    Avatar de Luis Zink

    Do you have the data of the eproom? And how can it be recorded since the memory is a flash nand and I don't have to record it.

  • 2 months ago

    Avatar de Franki Lobaina

    I have no data of this main, the memories to reprogram them, whether they are eproom 24xx, 25xx or nand, you must have a programmer for this purpose, another option is to download the firmware on a usb and put it on the TV, press the power to see if it loads automatically, but for your case that does not come out of stby it is very difficult for you to solve this way, since this method works “sometimes” when it is hung on the logo and your TV does not get there

  • 2 months ago

    Avatar de cristian78

    sorry but the model is not LCE32XH16?
    This model does not start the update without entering the menu that in your case is impossible.
    this monoplaca has nand flash and eeprom without the programmer you can't do anything
    You can buy a second-hand license plate or send it to load the firmware. I work to repair these types of failures and you have the drama in the flash.
    I could pass you the data of the memo but without the programmer you will not be able to load the file

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