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Sony tci-a7s TV screen does not turn on the audio works fine

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Greetings, I have this sony tci-a7s TV, which when turning it on the audio works fine but the screen takes a while to turn on 1 minute, sometimes 10 minutes, then when it turns on the screen it goes well, and if I turn it off and then on again turn off immediately, then you have to leave it disconnected for several hours and turn it on again, the audio is heard but the screen does not turn on.
I have already reviewed cold welds, capacitors and apparently everything looks good, but I can't find the problem, someone knows why it is ...

3 Proposed Solutions

Hello Friend. Solved the elements of the insert of the tube and check the socket can be sulfated, and solved the pins of the choper and those of the flayback, also solved the ends of the thin wires that come out of the large plate and rise to the insert of the tube. and also change the small filters in the primary source to new ones and check the large filter may be undervalued. regards
Performed the tests that indicate, specifically, touch up welding and change the electrolytic capacitor of the 180v / 200v source in the RGB color amplifier circuit .... and if the problem persists, check the good condition of the TRC:
  • 2 months ago

    Avatar de andyandres

    I already found the solution friends, it was very simple, what I did was upload the screen and the problem was solved.
    Thank you all for the suggestions.

  • 2 months ago

    Avatar de Javier Chavez C

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Hello colleague: if you have knowledge in electronics and if it is a BA-3 chassis, observe when you give power if they turn on the filaments in the neck of the tube or take time to turn on ... review welds on all the pins of the fli-bak ... sometimes they are loose welds ... other times it can be exhausted tube ... or prob, with the ABL ... you can also try to bypass the R704 q, it is in the heater line and see results ... measure the ABL voltage in the C525 or on the ABL pin of the fli-bak ..... there should be a positive voltage between 8 and 15v ... measure when it works and when it goes off ... measure if the + b 115v is present in C623 and C522. ..when it works and when it goes out ... measure the screen voltage if it stays at its voltage in the socket of the tube ... greetings !!