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Vertical IC does not work.

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It is for someone to guide me with an IC, vertical, LA78040 and LA78141, can one replace the other, thanks.

  • 4 days ago

    Avatar de neg2013

    Good evening, the title does not make sense if one reads the text of the question ... It is simpler if for example he asks for replacements for the LA78040, several can be used for example the LA78041 for which he mentions ... Now we must see How many inches is the TV, if its fault persists, it must mention at least the chassis, then that way it will make more sense to assist and tell you promptly which diode or resistor to renew or where to measure ... (R301 / D301 / C301)

  • 4 days ago

    Avatar de David Hernandez2

    The colleague is right. You would know how many inches your TV is and could also solve and change filters to avoid extra breakdowns.

  • 4 days ago

    Avatar de tehilim

    Regards, I recommend installing the original

  • 4 days ago

    Avatar de Ralf Padron Ruiz

    those chinese tv, they all have the same circuit, the same ic, the same source, the same c, it is 1000uf x 35v, the one with 100uf x 50, they are all just like that, the flayback changes a bit, but I found one with the la78041, in vertical and does not want to open, it has 26v in leg 2 and 5 in the last, all those chassis bring the same design, regardless of the inches

1 Proposed Solution

Hello Friend. if it can be replaced, the la78040, with the la78141, work the same, you can also place the stv9302, la78045, the 78041, tda9302h, an5522, stv9302b, stv9302h .--- something else before making the change of the ic. vertical, change all the filters that are related to the ic la78040 to new, and if possible you change the diode that feeds the ic. vertical, if the fault persists check the resistors, which feed the diode that mentioned greetings
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