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How to repair: What type of liquid is the most recommended for the radiator

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Hi! I have a truck type truck from '92. Now I am changing the water pump and the radiator a good muddy (cleaning of the inner tubes). The pump is good, but the change to have a lot of rust ... Now, I have always thrown water from the tap (drinking).
The consultation: What liquid would be recommended to use in future?
The green water says they eat the welds and the water would leak. They also say green water with distilled water (50 and 50) ... or cooked water (soft water) ... or what rust puts it will appear the same?
Thanks ... regards Jorge

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I have had several cars ... and the best thing that has been to me is to place the radiator is water from the house air conditioner ... I have never had problems I have a 2004 grand cherokee that cleaned the radiator 3 years ago and removed the Coolant that brings and put water from the air conditioner ... I have 3 years driving it ... the temperature is always at a minimum ... the water looks clean and sometimes I fill 100 ml or 200 milliliters .. every 4 or 5 months ... the container is almost always in FULL ..

But every head is a world and some people prefer all original ...
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    thanks, we will find out what is the water used by air conditioning systems.

Hello Jorge
Since you already have internal oxide, what you can use is distilled water, so that oxidation does not continue to increase.
I do not recommend green water because it oxidizes faster even than drinking water.
If the engine and radiator do not have oxidation, it is preferable to use coolant, which is distilled water with a percentage of ethylene glycol. The% depends on the maximum and minimum temperatures. Some people call it antifreeze, since ethylene glycol has the property of allowing low temperatures without freezing and temperatures greater than the evaporation of water.
You may be advised to treat the engine to remove rust, but you run the risk of leaks when removing rust.