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How to repair: Motorcycle purchase

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Hello good to all motorcycle experts. I want to buy a motorcycle press ns180 but I hear many comments that are bad and that the ignition fails a lot and the engine that you suggest me fails and I do not want to make a bad investment .because they even say that certain parts They can not be found

1 Proposed Solution

If the purchase is for a price one must assume that cheap is expensive. But if you are interested in the motorcycle for the benefits, look for those who have it and use it. a different treatment than they can receive, I have several among them a 300 versys to which I use only for medium distance trips and a dr 350 of the year of the cockade that I use to do some enduro, if I use the versys for enduro It would break all and I would say that it is bad motorcycle but the reality is not like that, what I want to tell you is that the motorcycles are designed for a certain use, I understand that the Indian bajaj are good machines.