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Doubt about watts of amplifiers or powers?

Hi guys, I'll come back with a question again ..

What does an amplifier pull 250 + 250? You mean you pull 250rms per output on stereo? Because I saw several amps that only say 500w rms and others say 250 + 250 .. And then it says that they throw 500rms in bridge mode I suppose it would be that I would deliver the watts of two outputs to a single speaker, right? Or am I wrong? Thank you..

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Hello, in a way you're right.
In the example that gives 250 + 250 means that the power of the amplifier is 250W per channel, but not necessarily RMS which is the effective output power. If 500W is the sum of the two or more channels. Bridge mode means bridge mode, and that's when you connect a speaker to both outputs and add the power of the two, Ojo that is for the amplifiers that your design allows.

I leave this text copied from the page (Many times it happened to me when clicking the link the page no longer exists).
I find it important to know the difference between these two acronyms, thinking of many of my clients who, when buying a music equipment, believe they have the most powerful because they say they have 1000, 2500, 8000 Watts of power.
The terms used in RMS and PMPO audio are two ways of defining the power of an amplifier. Let's see what each one means:
RMS (Root Mean Square): This is the average and constant level of power delivered by an audio amplifier. This value is scientifically proven and is based on a mathematical formula.
When talking about REAL WATTS the term RMS applies, ie if an amplifier in its specifications indicates that it has 100 watts RMS, it is indicating its real power.
PMPO (Peak Music Power Output): This term indicates the maximum musical power established in an audio amplifier for a short period of time, up to At the moment a scientific form for its measurement has not been established.
The PMPO power should not be taken as a reference to determine the power of an amplifier; the one that truly indicates this value is the RMS power.
Suppose we are offered an amplifier with 400 watts of power, but if we look at the audio output, we see that it uses an integrated circuit that, according to the manufacturer's specifications, delivers about 5 or 10 watts RMS. What is used in this case by the manufacturer of the audio equipment is the PMPO power.
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