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tengo una camara digital

modelo sc-d364

no se cual es el boton de encender la luz
necesito que me digan cual es

Atte melvin

    1 Solución propuesta

    ahi te puse el manual de instrucciones de la camara. el boton de la lampara se enciende presionando 2 veces el boton "color nite"

    LIGHT function works only in <Camera> mode. page 19
    The LIGHT enables you to record a subject in dark places without sacrificing color.
    The LIGHT can be used with COLOR NITE function only.
    1. Set the [Power] switch to [CAMERA].
    2. Set the [Mode] switch to [TAPE]. (SC-D363/D364/D365/D366 only)
    3. Press the [LIGHT] button until <Color N. 1/15 ( )> appears.
    [ Notes ]
    The LIGHT will not turn on or off while you are recording.
    The range of the LIGHT is limited. (up to 6.6ft (2m))
    [ Danger ]
    The LIGHT can become extremely hot.
    Do not touch it while in operation or soon after turning it off, otherwise serious injury may
    Do not place the Camcorder into the carrying case immediately after using the LIGHT,
    since it remains extremely hot for some time.
    Do not use near flammable or explosive materials.

    en la pagina 18 del manual tiene los dibujitos.