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PC ATX Source

Hello everyone I got a computer power source, she has a label that indicates in voltage level and current that comes out for each cable depending on the color of this. when I connect it to the network and I try to measure those voltages I only have 5v reading on the green cable with respect to black, in orange, yellow, blue, red, white and purple non-voltage voltage. I guess that voltage voltages appear when you give command to power to the pc. Is there a way to get those voltages by having only the source? How is the order issued?
  • hace 3 años

    Avatar de bubytres

    if it is a source atx, in the violet cable, only plugged in without any bridge, you must have 5 volts, it would be the 5 volts of stand by

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Hello. The green wire is POWER ON you have to connect it to any black wire that is Gnd and you must start the source, 5V is the correct voltage of Stamby, and Power on

  • hace 3 años

    Avatar de Hector Revete

    Ahh, nice of you, I made the bridge and the fan started and the voltages appeared. Thank you very much

  • hace 3 años

    Avatar de Electrónica Beta

    Hector. If the question is solved, please close it. Thank you