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Power supply for asrock K8Upgrade-VM800 motherboard

good that power source needs an asrock K8Upgrade-VM800 motherboard since I have a 500 watt but it does not turn on (THE SOURCE OF POWER IS FUNCTIONAL) thanks

3 Soluciones propuestas

Here you can calculate the power source according to your board and internal peripherals.
All you have to do is enter the data of your computer.
look at any motherboard that is in conditions will boot up with a source of 200 w generica, in the manual tells you what you consume (which is little), what you have to try is with the minimum a ram, processor and a hard drive and see how it responds, if the 500w is fine (make sure it is okay, I would try another source) should turn on without problems
the source is more than good, now that it does not mean that this functional, maybe the values ​​are not correct, I've seen that.