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Jumper the circuit breaker when the engine is turned from my refrigera


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    Hi if the equipment stops for a while and is not frost, it is to check wiring and electrical components that perform the automatic defrost, especially the resistance, this is in the Freezer below or between the evaporator, check continuity (if it is metal body ) between the contacts and housing, see peeled wires bad connectors etc
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      Thank you ... my refrigerator is more than 20 years old, it is without freezer and it is cooler, it is rather barbaric ... just when the motor stops the circuit breaker and cuts the lyz of the whole house ... it will be the helafera or the installation of the house ??

    • It is to verify the current consumption of the equipment, this is measured with an amperometric clamp, it is possible that the issue is not that when the equipment is stopped the power is cut off, it may be on the contrary, the power is cut and logical equipment stops, this may be because the circuit breaker does not have the capacity because the load of appliances is higher or the refrigerator is consuming too much energy verify what commented

    It may be that it is not cutting normally, but by temperature, and that is the reason why the breaker jumps out of consumption.
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      ndarz; the differential switches operate with leakage currents, not currents of excess consumption. If the refrigerator was well insulated, it could consume 40 times the rated current without the differential "see"

    to see ... first we are going to clarify that it is a differential
    a differential acts with weak currents of 30mA and only in leaks. If the nominal current of the compressor is, for example, 8A, and the motor per x motive consumes 500A the one responsible for acting is the thermomagnetic. The differential would never act because in the internal toroidal would never produce a variation of electromagnetic fields by more than you send an animal of current as I said.
    The problem I think is coming the other way, but before I ask something
    - Does the differential stop and why is the refrigerator (other than the whole house) cut off or is it the other way around?
    - Are you completely sure it's the differential and not the thermomagnetic? would be the most logical and probable
    -if it is that the differential acts, when it acts? Can it be that it acts when someone touches the refrigerator?
    - Is there a grounding in the installation? Is the refrigerator connected to this one?