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Mamógrafo Error E190 GE 600T

Tengo un problema con el mamógrafo 600t ge me sale este error cuando lo enciendo

    3 Soluciones propuestas

    Error 190.

    Error en la línea de poder.

      Causa 1. There were transients on the line supply when initialization took place.

      Causa 2. The voltage coutoff signal is still active.

      Causa 3. KV inf 5 signal incorrect.
        Accion 1. Push off and then on again.

        Accion 2. Switch off senographe and the place board 400-pl7 on the extender.
        connect (-) of voltmeter to - of capacitor C32, and connect (+) to common point
        of resistor R6 and collector (pin 7) of optocoupler B2 of 400 -pl7.
        Switch on generator. Voltage measured should be 0.09 V +- 50 mV. Led DE4 of 400
        -PL3 should be lit and +5V of lambda power supply should be present on 400-pl7
        board. If required, replace optocoupler B2.


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