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Mi moto e5 play me consume bateria en moto de Rep en espera

me consume mucha energía a alguien le a pasado
  • hola muy buenas tardes tambien observo que tienes una aplicación de juegos que te consume mucho prueba a desinstalarla saludos oki amigo.

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This is not a problem of the battery or the settings my friend. It is common because it has to spend a lot of energy to play such a game. I bet the phone also will become so hot. I don't know the game but I guess it should be advanced graphics. So you could not do many things for that other than uninstall the game. Is not whenever you play the game disable all other applications which are running in the background. It can be a little help in enhancing battery life.
  • hace 11 meses

    Avatar de jean carlos chacon

    I have tired them in the background. And that's when I stop using them. The battery is consumed. It has no fix. There are many bars, so it is seen that they have the same problem.