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alcatel l216a tablet does not turn on

hello colleagues good evening everyone has come to the workshop today a tablet brand alcatel l216a its failing is that it does not light or charge and i have checked the battery and it has acceptable voltage so that i could switch on and check the charging pin for if i was open or failed but it is inbuenestado that advise me or that I step to assure to discover its fault

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    First of all check the voltage points of the plate where the battery goes, check if it arrives charge, if it arrives charge and it does not catch. you have the following. Change the battery for another one, sometimes for more that has the indicated voltage has equal faults, plus the battery controller board.
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      in fact there is a piece that is a diode that has that diode is that when lodesconectas there is voltage in the area of ​​the battery and when I connect it again it goes to earth the voltage

    friend that happens is because the diode is short and you are knocking the voltages. change it.