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G 3rd generation phone

Hello colleagues, I had a series of mishaps (terrible all) with this cell phone, the first was that my daughter wanted to put the sim and this media folded, when moving in the socket I flew one of the contact pins (it has 3) logically no signal, well I decided to disassemble it, which was not so difficult, but ............, when I wanted to remove the plug from the battery, I did it wrong and broke the plastic and its work , that was not the worst thing, as I could not connect the battery now I decided to make a cable bridge and solder the load pin of the logic board, there I finished making the bigger animal because I want to tighten the copper with a knot (imagine the small dimensions) pull (not seen) very gently to link and volle the loading pin desoldering the plate .... heh heh a beast.
Question repairs or changes the socket of the sim ?, same for the load pin and its plug and locks? or if you can not buy the motherboard and if it suits me, everything else on the phone is in perfect condition (what's left bha,), and thank you very much

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    if you can change the pins of the battery and the sim card you just need a lot of practice before doing it since if you do not take the preacucones completely the card, use the air station and covers the other components with kapton (thermal) or the easiest thing would be to buy a usage logic