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Repair of 32 "lcd tv brand: lg model: 32ln5100

Repair switched source with help of the forum, when changing the IC101 (SSC1S311A) the source answered, I made my measurements all ok, set the TV and deliver it, after 7 days, the TV no longer turned on behaves like at startup, completely off , when checking the power source the F100 (5 amp fuse) burnt, the Q101 (Transistor Mosfet 13N60) which I put in replacement of the original (MDF11N65B) was punching short, TH101 (perforated Thermistor 5D15), surface resistors, R107 (220 ohms), R108 (220 ohms), R108 (100 ohms) were open and the IC101 (SSC1S311A) drilled as I had spare parts of the previous repair replace everything, when connecting the 220 V AC power supply, the R103 1W ohms) overheat, when I disconnect one side of the resistor and turn on there is no overheating of components and some low voltages are manifested in the circuit, the capacitors positive C109 (68uf 450V), C110 (68uf 450V) measures a voltage continuous d e 315V and zener diode ZD105 (1N5246) there is a voltage of 2.8 V, I find it blocked thank your advice.

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In this case you have to check the manual.
Por error mio habia instalado el IC 1S311A invertido, por ello el recalentamiento de la resistencia, cambie el IC y la resistencia y todo normalizo, medi los voltajes todo normal, instale fuente conmutada y el TV encendio normalmente, todo Ok, gracias a la comunidad por el apoyo .