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Very wide and curved image on the sides tv sony kv-38fs120 (ba-6)

Good day Greetings colleagues and users of this great page. I had time ....... I get this TV with a very wide image and curved at the sides, turn a few minutes and sometimes hours and then turn itself off. I found a coil (L511) reheated in the east-west coreccion stage. I changed it but it remains the same. The main components of that stage and horizontal are well including tuning capacitors, damper diodes, PINCUSHION output transistor and all its perimetry etc. The B + is fine (132v) .... If I enter service menu does not adjust the horizontal size (H.SIZE) nor the amp pin. (PAMP) that is related to this fault .... If someone has gone through this failure to tell me another clue or something I have failed to review. I have not even changed IC501 (PIN CONTROL) integrated circuit. I'm leaving it last since it is surface mount. Will this integrated circuit be the fault? Although it reaches its 12v of work by the pin 8 but in the diagram does not reflect the other voltages. In advance thanks and greetings from valencia- venezuela

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your fault is known as the barrel effect caused by a fault in the pincushion circuit, I leave the training manual for the ba6 chassis, on p. 34 explained the operation and repair of the stage .... greetings.

Training Manual SONY-Sony-BA6.pdf [855.77kb]
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    Very good material. Change almost everything in pincushion stage but nothing, even change the integrated superfile mount (PIN CONTROL) .... any other suggestions?