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lack of strength when accelerating my bike 650 kawa

have a nice day .. please give me an alluda ..
I have a Kawasaki 650 motorcycle..but I have the problem that when accelerating above the 2000 rpm, it does not advance..but if I do not climb above the 2000 rpm..can walk without problem.
it does the same at any speed ..
starts well but when it reached the 2000rpm it does not run faster ... in neutral I can accelerate above the 2000rpm and it does not give any problems ... the problem only when it goes on ...
tell me how to solve the problem .. and ise the oil change and bujias.son new

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Check the fuel shut-off switch, usually have a plastic tube inside the tank that serves as a filter, it will disassemble the entire rubinete also because it may be covered inside. Also perform a good cleaning of the carburetor by changing float and puncture and then control the level of needle lock.
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    Thanks, I'll check the system